About partner enterprise recruitment

The partner enterprise or independent wedding planners is being recruited at any time. Please inquire any time by a question or mailing.

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A lucky day January in 2011

Corporation Domy-B

Inquiry secretariat Mail:info@tabikon.com

About selection and contract basis

  • It'll be one recruitment about each urban per one country.
  • We'll manufacture an original wedding package of our concept using regional characteristics and entrust the operation business. (The franchise style)
  • Please inquire the agent cost of the annual contract and the operation outsourcing and the wedding planner educational expenses,etc..
  • When we make a contract, We'll decide on operation commencing time by entry on an application form and a conclusion of contract.
  • We do marketing together in our home page and join overseas business discussion meeting after partner contract.

※ We think our originality can be useful for customer's new acquisition by an abundant plan.

If there is an unclear point. Please tell us.
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