The Domy-B Brand Policy

Our policy is to produce a more attractive of the area in JAPAN as a wedding during your traveling.

In order to use it to take a picture before a wedding reception by the person who isn't holding a wedding ceremony. It's the photo plan which can be done by the empty-handed about 3 hours during travel. For making a memory of a silver wedding anniversary, for the present to your parents and for a couple. I'm preparing it in order to make you enjoy your wedding.

About a bridal produce

It was packaged by a wedding designer in order to use it during travel. You enjoy selection of KIMONO at a rehearsal day with a pick-up service on the 1st. It'll be the wedding day on the 2nd. We'll remit you a taken wedding photo in a DVD. We'll do the confirmation which is the sizes of the body beforehand. Underwear and Japanese socks will be prepared for bridals. We'll prepare them and you can get them as a commemoration. There are several particular points every area, and We're making a wedding for a couple in order to feel satisfaction.

If there is an unclear point. Please tell us.
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Description of business

Wedding business