How do you apply about a wedding?

→First, please request location and the date and time. We'll check the space situation confirmation of the ceremonial hall you're wishing. The schedule like the following schedule after that. Reference here

Is there some KIMONO size which can be put on?

→We'll confirm the size beforehand certainly. Please accept it about the number of the choices. We'll make an effort and prepare it in order to choose pleasantly. A wedding designer is usually preparing something of 8-10 points as the choices. Further, We'll check it in the time of a rehearsal about a wig but sometimes change the west style hair by a size.

How do we move from a hotel?

→A rehearsal day and the wedding day,We'll welcome and send off by a car from a hotel. Please feel easy.

Is there a wedding package of Non-JAPANESE style?

→I have that. Any plan of dress style also has the standard. A fitting feel of Rhein of a body and a dress will be in a prepared area of dress. You can possible to bring your wedding dress.On that occasion we'll calculate fee again. Please inquire any time.

Can I request wedding for adult,are there KIMONO assortment all right?

→Please be relieved. Adult graceful wedding are a major primarily. When having a request in KIMONO's color beforehand, it'll correspond as much as possible. Correspondence about a design becomes difficult. Please accept it.

About an application schedule

It's packaged by a wedding designer in order to use it empty-handed during travel.

You enjoy KIMONO selection at a rehearsal with a pick-up service from a hotel on 1st day.(the required time :about 3 hours).

It'll be the wedding day on next day. (required time: 4-about 5 hours).

We'll do the confirmation which is the sizes of the body beforehand. We'll prepare underwears and socks for a bridegroom and a bride. You can get them as commemoration.

Please be sure to check it occurring time of a cancellation fee.

We'll include and prepare a heart in order to receivesatisfaction for a customer.

The weather is also considered. You'll take a photo in a studio. It'll be the bridal costume selection, the preparations, the photography. It'll be about 3-4 hours.

About a wedding schedule

We set rehearsal and costume selection at the 1st day. And it'll be the wedding day on the next day. When you'd consult beforehand, the setting another day is possible by customer's convenience. But the status of booking of the request can't sometimes secure the wedding day you're wishing. Because for a Japanese customer often to have designate a lucky day in particular, a schedule tends to be piled. We wish if you request a wedding day rather early.

About cancellation

You'll inquire about it and pay us in a credit card or transfer within 5 days after the securement by which it's for photography reservation. The occurrence of the cancellation charge is as follows.

Change and cancellation agreement

At the time of wedding reservation completion~the wedding day until 101 days before \10,000

From the wedding previous day.100 days before~36 days before  \100,000 (for goods of non-rise, 30%)

From the wedding previous day.35 days before~20 days before 50% of all fee

From the wedding previous day.19 days before~10 days before 80% of all fee

From the wedding previous day. 9 days before~the ceremony days 100% of all fee

※ When the obliged occasion generated change and cancellation by several circumstances, We'll contact an accident certainly.

For a Japanese customer often to have designate a lucky day in particular, a schedule tends to be piled, so please refrain from change in the just before photo date as much as possible for consideration to other customers.

out a delivery of a photography DVD

The stay number of days asks your schedule of travel, and can sometimes deliver it to a hotel. I answer with mailing because the delivery is impossible on the same day basically.

If there is an unclear point. Please tell us.
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